Sweet Child of Mine

Bushfire Fundraiser Tee

$14.95 $36.95

We have all watched on in horror and helplessness as so much of our beautiful country burned and burned.  Whilst some recent rain has offered some short term immediate relief there is a very long way to go for so many of the fire ravaged communities.  With this in mind we approached the sublime Naomi of https://thelittlebotanist.org/ to put her stunning artwork on our tee.  All profits from the sale of these tee shirts will be donated to the below charity.

We have used our tried and true unisex tee in super soft cotton.  

https://therescuecollective.com/ - The fires subsided, but the in-care costs of caring for animals continues! With many of the safe wildlife release sites completely decimated across the east coast of Australia, there is nowhere for the healed animals to go until there is significant regrowth. Release now, & risk starvation.  Carers are suffering physically, emotionally & financially- we must continue the support until it is safe to once again release.

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