• Rome Torti - The Godfather (aka The Hottest Guy from Nerang High)

    Posted: Aug 22 2014

    Ok so I started this post about 2 weeks ago and just couldn't finish it.  I have struggled to articulate just how good a person he really is and it was sounding more about me than him.  This, friends is why I am NOT a writer and/or blogger.  Fastforward to today, and Rome has just passed away....peacefully and in the arms of the woman he loved more than anything.  No better way to go really.  So despite the waffling below, the point is this....the world lost a true gem of a guy today.  He lived strong, he loved well and he was an amazing role model to my kids xoxoxo   So as I am currently going about my daily life, yelling at the kids, stressing over this website, doing homework/laundry/chores there is a big black cloud overhead.  One of my friends is sick, really sick.  As sick as a human...
  • Good days, bad days and Life Skills..."All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten"

    Posted: Aug 12 2014

    So our kids are all amazing right?  We love them dearly and unconditionally..... BUT they stress us out, cost us a fortune, change our bodies, drive us to distraction (and/or wine if you are that way inclined), bring out levels of frustration/joy/love/passion/fear/protection we never knew existed....and in general can be messy, life changing little diva's and menace's.   Well, that is my experience anyhow but I am truly lucky in that I am surrounded by the best of friends who had kids at the same time.  We are an honest bunch, totally non-competitive we never compare wins and losses but simply support each other as we navigate the daily minefield that is parenting.  Nothing is sugar coated and I have never walked away from a catch up feeling crap about myself as a parent.  I will be eternally grateful to these ladies and adore the closeness our children have too....
  • The Five W's of Sweet Child of Mine Clothing

    Posted: Mar 07 2014

    Sweet Child of Mine.... a little bit bohemian....  a little bit rock 'n roll... Kids.Home.Life Who? Sweet Child of Mine is the creation of myself  - Kendra, a former fashion buyer/retailer/wholesaler and now SAHM! The range we produce and the products we carry have to have input from; and pass the discerning eye of my daughter and her friends.  My son is way less critical but goes much harder on the wear ' n tear.  A little bit bohemian, a little bit Rock 'n Roll and a whole lotta style and comfort.  No itchy/scratchy/tight bits, just super soft easy wearing garments that your kids will love to wear and look beautiful in. What? An online store showcasing our own Brand as well as carefully selected items from around the globe which we will add to in the coming months.  For our own ranges we source our textiles from various sources...International...

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